MHM Appoints New President and Chairman

MHM announced that Andy Burczyk has retired and that Andrew Gragnani has been appointed the new President for the organization. “We want to thank Andy for his leadership, and the great success and growth over the last six years during his tenure as President and Chairman of the Board,” said Jeff Gluck, a member of the MHM Board for the past three years, and the newly elected Chairman of the Board.

Gluck continued, “We have experienced significant growth and quality enhancements during Andy’s tenure. We look forward to continuing to build off that momentum under the strong leadership of Andrew Gragnani and the MHM team.” 

Gragnani has been a Shareholder in MHM for 13 years, serving on the MHM Executive Committee and as a Regional Attest Practice Leader for the past 12. “It is a great honor to serve as President of MHM,” said Gragnani. “I also want to thank Andy for his leadership and friendship. I have learned a great deal from him, and look forward to continuing the strong legacy Andy and those before him have built.” 

Gragnani and Gluck referenced the strong national infrastructure, dedicated team members, and outstanding group of Shareholders as primary reasons they are excited about the future of MHM and leading the next wave of growth. In 2021, MHM experienced 9% organic growth, and that number increases to 12.2% when adding in acquisition activity. 

“We have had strong, sustainable growth the past few years,” said Gragnani, “and we will continue to focus on our organic growth in tandem with focused efforts around completing further strategic acquisitions.” 

In addition to growing, MHM has an eye toward the future. According to Gragnani, MHM will continue to focus on advancing audit quality, while remaining diligent in its efforts to enhance its proprietary methodology and deployment of new technologies to create efficiencies for team members and clients. 

“Technology continues to evolve, and we have a talented team that is monitoring, testing, and implementing new tools as they become available,” said Gragnani. 

The use of technology, Gragnani explained, helps both our professionals be more efficient, while ensuring MHM provides the best service and value to our clients.

Several years ago, MHM adopted the tagline of our International Network, Kreston Global. Gragnani said that the tagline “Knowing You” embodies who MHM is and how we operate. Simply put, people matter. Our people . . . our clients . . . those in our communities.  

Gragnani continued, “We have a responsibility to understand what makes people tick; what matters to them; what keeps them up at night; what brings joy to their lives.” 

“We realize people have a choice in who they work for and with. We take this commitment seriously,” said Gluck. 

MHM will continue to focus on people, process and culture, including efforts around Diversity & Inclusion, ESG, innovation, and strong practice management. 

“Our leadership team is already engaged and heavily involved in efforts with our strategic partners at CBIZ and Kreston to be the best we can be, both in terms of utilizing sound business practices, as well as hiring good people and serving as virtuous corporate citizens,” said Gragnani.

For over 65 years, MHM has been an accounting firm with a strong reputation. As MHM looks ahead, Gluck and Gragnani believe we are well positioned to not only provide the high caliber service clients and their stakeholders have come to expect, but do so in new markets around the U.S., while maintaining the ethos and trust that are hallmarks of the firm.

About MHM

MHM is an independent CPA firm providing audit, review and attest services, and works closely with CBIZ, a business consulting, tax and financial services provider.  CBIZ and MHM are members of Kreston Global, an international network of independent accounting firms.

Published on February 16, 2022