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Fair Value Group
MHM's Fair Value Assistance Group

Is your company active in business combinations? Has the unpredictability of the economy or other operating results caused you to look at impairment indicators? Does your company have non-exchange traded investments or use derivatives to manage risk?

Fair value and financial reporting continues to be a source of significant controversy and debate among standard setters, regulators, investors, reporting entities and others. The evolving fair value standards — which are here to stay — continue to blur the line between accounting and valuation. The somewhat subjective nature of estimating fair value of both financial instruments and non-financial assets and obligations can significantly impact a company’s financial statements.

Fair value measurements often represent one or more of the most significant accounting estimates for reporting entities, and when combined with the required financial statements disclosures, can leave a significant impression on the view of a company's position and operating results, making them critical to the preparation of financial statements.

Whether it's dealing with the above issues or other questions regarding the valuation of a complex financial asset, developing the basis to evaluate long-lived assets and intangibles, or ensuring that acquisition date fair values are in accordance with Accounting Standards Codification 820 "Fair Value Measurements" (ASC 820) — MHM can help. We can provide you with assistance in developing appropriate fair value methodologies to meet reporting requirements or any other fair value issues your company may have.

Contact one of our service professionals today for more information about what MHM's Fair Value Solutions Group can do for you and your business.

Mike Loritz

Mike Loritz

Mike Loritz

Kansas City, MO
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Tim Woods

Tim Woods

Tim Woods

Denver, CO
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