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MHM's Audit Approach: Unique Methodology

Every business operates in an industry that has unique intricacies — including yours. Because of that, our progressive audit methodology is tailored to the distinctive industries our clients belong to and the activities that differentiate them. Designed by our industry leadership, this customization allows our engagement teams to quickly and easily identify and assess the higher risk areas in your engagement.

At MHM, we employ cutting-edge, smart technology as part of our risk assessment procedures. Our audits are electronic-based with all related documents and data housed within one organized, collaborative file.

What does this mean to you?

Our advanced audit methodology creates efficiency, and thus value, to your audit. The methodology allows the engagement teams to truly focus in on key areas of an engagement. The software can suppress future unnecessary questions based on how previous questions are answered, creating efficiency. We’re not filling in a standard uniform checklist like others in our profession might. The software drives the team to specifics of each particular engagement and particular client — resulting in a much more streamlined audit…and more value for your business.

Audit Methodology Graphic
MHM's Unique Audit Methodology
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