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MHM's Audit Approach: Planning

Plan Do Check Act

Planning and preparation are key.

Prior to performing any audit, MHM's engagement team will spend time understanding and evaluating the overall environment in which your organization operates, as well as your internal control structure.

We look at factors such as:

  • historical accuracy of internal financial reporting
  • industry trends
  • management turnover
  • the soundness of your financial condition
  • emphasis placed by management on a positive control environment
  • the overall design of the accounting system

We combine our analysis of your operations with our industry expertise to provide services tailored to express a fair opinion of your financial condition and operations, as well as assist you in meeting other needs. By using our highly sophisticated amelio software, we are able to tailor our work programs and procedures to focus on the high and significant risks in your company's financial statements. Instead of using lengthy checklists containing questions that don't apply to your organization, amelio will suppress questions that don't apply based on how previous questions were answered and will generate tailored work programs based on the risks facing your organization.

Our focused, tailored approach leads to a much more risk-based and efficient audit.

Milestones, meetings and deliverables can sometimes change due to unforeseen circumstances, so when planning an engagement, it is important to maintain realism. Part of MHM's planning process is to continually assess requirements and findings and quickly adjust to keep the audit on course and focused.

One of the ways to stay on top of these milestones and deliverables is through use of The Hub® . The Hub is a technology we've developed that creates an online portal for both you and your engagement team to have 24/7 visibility into all of your financial services engagements with us. Learn more about The Hub®»

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